Sublimation ink 100ML

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Product details of Color Life Sublimation Ink 100ml, 4 pcs

  • Black/cyan/magenta/yellow reproduce color, the CMYK color model codes for absorbing light rather than emitting it (as is assumed by RGB). The ‘K’ component absorbs all wavelengths and is therefore achromatic. The Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Light Magenta, Cyan Magent. components are used for color reproduction and they may be viewed as the inverse of RGB. Cyan absorbs Red, Magenta absorbs Green, and Yellow absorbs . per pcs 100ML


  • CMY color model
  • CcMmYK color model
  • Cycolor
  • RGB color model
  • Grey component replacement
  • Jacob Christoph Le Blon
  • SWOPCMYK standard
  • Color management
  • 4 (Four Color)


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